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The Chemical Analysis and Mass Spectrometry Laboratories provides analyses of both organic and inorganic compounds and elements. Our laboratories have recently been equipped with new instrumentation to facilitate the ongoing scientific discoveries the institute is renowned for. Our staff scientists come from quite different and diverse backgrounds in the field of mass spectrometry and provide technical training in the fundamentals of mass spectrometry and the operation of the mass spectrometry instrumentation.

The Chemical Analysis Laboratory specializes in making analysis of cation, anions, small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides and amino-acids as well as intact mass analysis of large proteins.

The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory has the ability to make high precision elemental and isotopic ratio analyses in both liquid and solid mediums. Elemental analyses of metals, metalloids and some non-metals. The single mass collector instruments cover elemental analyses in difficult to measure samples with high-matrices such as seawater, silicate and carbonate minerals as well as high-TDS liquids. The multi-detector instrument provides high-resolution for isotopic ratio analyses in both liquid and solid materials with the ability to measure time-resolved isotope ratios on the micron scale within solid materials for dating and tracing of isotopic heterogeneities.

Advanced MS imaging technologies DESI and MALDI accompanying with High Definition Imaging software reveal information about spatial distribution of compounds within coated-plate samples. High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers are coupled with Liquid and Gas Chromatography devices. The technique enables chromatographic separation prior to Optical (PDA) and MS (accurate mass) detection.

Featured Instrumentation

Multi collector ICPMS

Chemical Analysis and Mass Spectrometry

Synapt XS, coupled with UPLC or DESI or MALDI

Chemical Analysis and Mass Spectrometry