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Since material science and electronics are focusing more on the differences in properties between the bulk and the “nano”, probing the magnetic and electric transport properties of materials at small scales is becoming an important characterization tool.

These electronic and magnetic studies also shed light on the structural properties. At the cutting edge of research in materials, physical-, organic-, and bio-chemistry are investigations of single molecular magnets, spintronic systems, ultrathin magnetic and superconducting films, fullerenes and fullerides, superparamagnetics, nanomagnets, biological and organometallic magnetic complexes, colossal magneto resistance effects, magnetic properties of quantum dots, quasicrystals, and others. Electronic transport properties are critical for ultimate end uses such as diodes, transistors, electronic switches, LEDs (light-emitting diodes), photovoltaic (solar) cells, and for many types of sensors. 

The versatile systems: MPMS (magnetic properties measurement system) and ETMS (electric transport measurement system) allow for measurements:

  1.  At variable temperatures.
  2.  Under light illumination of the sample.
  3.  With or without use of permanent contacts.
  4.  Of samples with varying dimensions, including those made of nanomaterials.
  5.  In the presence of a magnetic field.
  6.  At direct and alternative currents (DC and AC).
  7.  At direct and alternative magnetic fields (DC and AC).
  8.  At high and low (including ultra low) external magnetic fields.