About the service

The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) section was founded in early 2014 in order to promote science and produce almost everything you can dream of in the machining field.

The unit can produce complex parts on a 5 axes machine using a one-time hitching method i.e., produce the part with no removal from the clamps.

You can consult us on any topic related to machining in order to optimize performance and to achieve a perfect final product.

  • We are able to produce almost all types of flanges in sizes up to 900 mm diameter and boxes with a base of up to 1700 * 700 mm and a height of up to 400 mm.
  • Quality and accuracy of the parts is checked with advanced measurement tools.
  • We are able to produce both prototypes and series. Once the programing and setup are completed, it is obvious that the “second” part will be cheaper.
  • You are extremely welcome to coordinate a demonstration and explanation (in Hebrew, up to 5 people per session) by the signee, in order to get a better impression of the machines and their capabilities.


.Additional Pricing information about the service cost