About the service

The Weizmann Observatory office offers assistance in all astronomical aspects, for the entire community of the Weizmann Institute researchers.

This includes:

  • Engineering, technical and software design of various astronomical instruments, such as telescopes, cameras and up to the level of full observatories.
  • Design of astronomical observations, proposal writing, remote and real-time operations, as well as data reduction and analysis.
  • Provide astronomical and observational instructions and educational activities.

The Weizmann Observatory office operates:

  • The Martin S. Kraar Observatory – on top of the service tower of the Koffler Accelerator building, the Kraar Observatory offers easy access to a modern, astronomical instrument, residing on campus. It is used for both science and education. High-level research is done by staff and post-doc members in the Department of Particle Physics and Astrophysics. Students from the Weizmann Institute of Science, as well as high school students attending astronomical courses at the Institute, may use this facility for educational astronomical projects. The observatory is also used as a test bed for new, experimental imaging instruments being developed by the experimental astrophysics group. For more information
  • W-LAST – Weizmann Large Array of Survey Telescopes. This large array of small-sized telescopes is being designed and constructed by our office at the guidance of Prof. Eran Ofek of the experimental astrophysics group.
  • The Weizmann Remote Observing Post - an array of monitors within our office allow you to remotely conduct your observations on most observatories in the world, with helpful tools and software, while conveniently working from the Weizmann campus.

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