About the service

The Instrumentation Workshop section's vast capabilities and experience enable it to produce custom made instruments, assemblies and machines for all the research laboratories in the Institute. Available to the skilled technicians are lathes and milling machines as well as professional pipe and vacuum welding and soldering capabilities that allow for high precision in metalwork and in other unique materials.
The workshop is fully equipped with all necessary equipment enabling the manufacture of high quality products in a short time and low prices. Instruments are designed either by the scientist/student working in conjunction with the technicians or through the Scientific Instrument Design section using advanced CAD technologies.

In addition to the conventional machining machine, the section is equipped with two 3D printers for the immediate response to build models and prototypes, with an EDM sinking machine, which provides a solution to manufacture sharp edged holes in a metal work-piece and with a Laser cutter for plastic sheets.

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