Project portfolio

  • Raman Spectrometer Integration

    LabVIEW was used to integrate a microscope camera, an automated stage, four Thorlab's motors, a Lakeshore temperature controller and a Horiba Raman Spectrometer.

    For integration, an efficient user interface was designed, a script engine developed, and a database using a MySQL server developed. To complement data analysis, a special GUI was developed in Igor PRO software to extract past experimental data from the MySQL server.

    The following papers were published using this software integration:


    1. Benshalom N, Reuveni G, Korobko R, Yaffe O, and Hellman O. Dielectric response of rock-salt crystals at finite temperatures from first principles. Phys. Rev. Mat. 03/2022
    2.  Menahem M, Dai Z, Aharon S, Sharma R, Asher M, Diskin-Posner Y, Korobko R, Rappe AM, Yaffe O. Strongly Anharmonic Octahedral Tilting in Two-Dimensional Hybrid Halide Perovskites. Acs Nano. 05/2021
    3.  Asher M, Angerer D, Korobko R, Diskin-Posner Y, Egger DA, Yaffe O. Anharmonic Lattice Vibrations in Small-Molecule Organic Semiconductors. Advanced Materials 01/2020 (Deerfield Beach, Fla.)
    4. Sharma R, Dai Z, Gao L, Brenner TM, Yadgarov L, Zhang J, Rakita Y, Korobko R, Rappe AM, Yaffe O. Elucidating the atomistic origin of anharmonicity in tetragonal CH3NH3PbI3 with Raman scattering. Physical Review Materials 09/2020
  • Photo Multiplier Tube integration with a two-photon LSM 880 NLO Zeiss Microscope

    The PL collected by the objective was deviated using a dichroic mirror and directed to a Si PhotoMultiplier Tube (PMT) sensitive to 750-900 nm light. The electrical signal was directed to an amplifier and passed to a NI 6343 card as well as the microscope pixel and line clocks. The three digitalized signals were then passed to a computer and elaborated by an in-house LabVIEW program that rebuilt the confocal microscopy image.

    The following paper stemmed from this software-hardware integration:

    Self-Healing and Light-Soaking in MAPbI3: The Effect of H2O Ceratti D. R., Tenne R., Bartezzaghi, Cremonesi L., Segev L., Kalchenko V., Oron D., Potenza M.A.C, Hodes G., Cahen D. (2022) Advanced materials (Weinheim)