My expertise includes:

  • 1

    Scientific Imaging and quantitative processing techniques: Particle Image Velocimetry; dye concentration measurement for microfluidic applications; video-cinematography; object tracking

  • 2

    Numerical simulations of multi-physical problems, e.g. in microfluidics; fluid dynamics (also two phase), heat transfer, electrostatics, transport, etc. Main tools used: Comsol, openFOAM.

  • 3

    Algorithmics - coding in Fortran, Tcl, Matlab, Scilab, Mathematica, C, python, shell scripting etc.

  • 4

    Consultancy on fluid dynamics measurements

  • 5

    Computer control of laboratory instrumentation; hardware-software integration; communication with multiple instruments; motion control; automatization of data collection

  • 6

    Design of efficient graphical user interfaces for experiment control

  • 7

    Labview, Matlab: instruction, consultancy and advanced programming