Ionizing radiation at WIS

At the Weizmann Institute of Science, ionizing radiation research is conducted in three main ways:

Working with open radioactive materials

The radioactive material itself, without any hermetic cover.

The radioactive material appears in all matter states: gas, liquid, and solid (powder). These types of sources are common in scientific or medical studies for imaging purposes or as a marker.

Work with sealed radioactive materials

Sources where the radioactive material is contained in a sealed cover. The radiation passes through the cover, but the material cannot be released into the environment (unless the cover is breached).

A sealed radioactive source continuously emits ionizing radiation.

Working with devices that emit ionizing radiation

Devices or systems that emit ionizing radiation or those that, when they are activated, ionizing radiation is generated.

They are based on the physical principle that when electrons change their velocity, the loss of kinetic energy converts into the emission of electromagnetic waves, i.e., photons.