Radioactive waste

Removal of radioactive waste

Throwing radioactive waste into a regular trash can is forbidden and it is prohibited to pour radioactive liquids into the sink or sewer.

A mixture of radioactive waste with chemical or biological material will be disposed of as radioactive waste.

In the waste collection process, a separation is made between liquid waste and solid waste.

Solid radioactive waste will be removed to a waste container lined with a radioactive waste bag in the corner of the work area. You can order the bags in different sizes from the warehouse at the institute. At the end of each day or when the bag is full, the bag must be closed and sealed and thrown into a radioactive waste barrel.

Liquid radioactive waste will be disposed of in transparent plastic containers which contain absorbent material, vermiculite, about 75% of their volume. The containers will be marked with a "radioactive" label and emptied into a radioactive waste barrel.

All radioactive waste, both liquid and solid, will be transferred by the radiation worker to a yellow radioactive waste barrel located in the hazardous waste room on the floor or designated places in the corridor or the yard of the building. Do not place radioactive waste outside the barrel.

If the barrel is full, call the service center at 08-9349106.

After the waste disposal from the laboratory, the employee will perform environmental monitoring for the waste transfer route from the radioactive work corner in the laboratory to the yellow radioactive waste barrel.

Throwing sealed radioactive sources into a yellow radioactive waste barrel is forbidden. The removal of the source must be coordinated to an authorized site by the instructions of the Radiation Safety Officer.