Treating contamination and spillage

Guidelines for treatment of radioactive contamination on body

Eyes: Wash both eyes with eyewash for at least fifteen minutes. 

Skin, face, and body: wash with running water and mild soap for at least fifteen minutes. Do not scrub or create wounds on the skin. In case of contamination on your lab coat or clothes, remove them immediately before starting the cleaning, inside out to prevent self contamination.

Report immediately any incident to the institute service center 08-934-2999.

Guidelines for cleaning radioactive contamination on surfaces - not a spill incident

In case of detection or suspicion of contamination of radioactive materials on a work surface or device, proceed as follows:

  1. You must be equipped with full personal protective equipment, which includes: a long, zipped  labcoat, two pairs of gloves and goggles.
  2. Prepare a waste bag with radioactive marking, absorbent paper and decontamination liquid (Count off).
  3. Any visible contamination must be absorbed with absorbent paper.
  4. Spray decontamination liquid (Count off) on the contaminated surface/device and absorb it using absorbent paper.
  5. Wiping the contamination with absorbent paper will be done from the outside in, to prevent the spread of contamination.
  6. Devices or delicate components must be cleaned by spraying decontamination liquid on absorbent paper and using it to clean the parts of the device.
  7. It should be emphasized that the amount of decontamination liquid should be used according to the size of the contamination area. Excess of liquid may spread the initial contamination.
  8. All cleaning products must be thrown into a radioactive waste bag and disposed of  at the radioactive waste barrel.
  9. A repeat smear test must be performed to check the cleaning effectiveness of the contamination. Send the smear test results to the Radiation Safety Officer.
  10. Instructions for cleaning residual contamination must be obtained from the Radiation Safety Officer.

Radioactive spillage cleaning instructions

Spillage cleaning is done only by safety personnel. You must report the spillage to the service center by dialing 08-9342999, provide accurate details of the spill. You should not move or leave the lab until the safety personnel arrives.