Protection principles

How do you avoid exposure to ionizing radiation?

Adhere to the three principles of radiation protection:

  1. Justification
    The benefit derived from the use or research of products and materials that emit ionizing radiation exceeds the possible damage caused by it. All other possibilities for performing the experiment should be examined and the question, "Do we have to use materials or devices that emit radiation?"
  2. Optimization
    The use or practice of ionizing radiation will be after planning the work, limiting exposure to ionizing radiation and when the following conditions are met:
    1. The working time will be extremely short
    2. The working distance from the radiation source will be the greatest.
    3. Radiation masking according to the types of emitted radiation.
  3. Exposure restrictions
    The safety regulations at work set a limit for exposure to radiation dose for the radiation worker and members of the public.
    The Weizmann Institute of Science established instructions for safe work for each radiation source.
    Ensuring the implementation of the regulations and instructions will ensure the safety of the employee.

table: Annual ration limits for employees over the age of 18