Ionizing radiation worker at WIS

Any employee who wishes to work with ionizing radiation is required to update the radiation safety officer in advance. The radiation safety officer will examine the expected work process according to the radiation sources in order to prepare the infrastructure, the equipment in the lab and trainings of the employees as follows:

Work environment - laboratory infrastructures for working with radioactive materials will be in accordance with the requirements of the Institute's procedures type C.

Ionizing worker - A person engaged in ionizing radiation who may be exposed during his work to a radiation dose of 5mSv which is one-tenth of the limit dose appearing in the safety regulations for those engaged in ionizing radiation.

  1. Risk assessment for work with ionizing radiation sources is done by an authorized radiation laboratory.
  2. Obtaining a work permit from the ministry of environmental protection.
  3. Occupational medical examinations must be performed a month before starting work with ionizing radiation.
  4. Radiation safety training by the radiation safety officer before initial work using radioactive materials.
  5. Arranging work area for radioactive materials and sealed radioactive sources.
  6. Prepare storage of radioactive materials and sealed radioactive sources in a designated marked cabinet/safe/refrigerator/freezer.
  7. Purchase a Geiger counter. according to the risk assessment.
  8. Order radiation badges according to risk assessment.