Postdoctoral Fellows

International Postdoctoral Fellows are entitled to a maximum of 12 months in our housing.  Demand is high and you should ask your department secretary to place a housing request at the earliest opportunity.

Apartments are allocated based on availability and we operate a waiting list as needed.  Couples receive priority when both partners are postdoctoral fellows at the Institute. 
Apartments are self-catering and furnished.  We do not provide kitchen equipment or bedding supplies – however, we do offer both for sale, at cost price.  Our office can recommend cleaning services.

Type of Accommodation

Type of Accommodation

  • Singles are either allocated to a single room in a shared, same-gender apartment, or to a single studio apartment.
  • Couples are allocated to a couple’s apartment.
  • Families are allocated to an appropriately sized apartment, when available.

We will do our best to accommodate you, however, we cannot guarantee the availability of apartments.


    Rental costs

    Rental costs


    These rates include the cost of municipality taxes, cable TV and internet, but do not include electricity and water charges, which will be charged separately.

    If you receive a fellowship from the Institute, then the costs will be deducted directly from your fellowship every month.

    If you do not receive a fellowship, then you will be emailed an invoice every month and can either pay online or in the cashier's office.

    • Single room in a shared apartment

      1,600 NIS per month

    • Single Apartment

      Between 2,200 - 3,020 NIS per month

    • Couples Apartment

      Between 3,020 - 3,050 NIS per month

    • Family Apartment

      3,750 NIS per month

    • Derech Yavne

      Derech Yavne

      Located just outside the main campus in three buildings, offering a mix of shared apartments (4 roommates), apartments for couples and studios for singles. No children may be accommodated in these buildings. Fully furnished with laundry facilities and bike storage on site. Read More
    • Herzl Complex

      Herzl Complex

      Located outside the main campus on Herzl st. numbers 197 and 201, offering fully furnished 2-bedroom apartments for families. Read More
    • Eisenberg Complex

      Eisenberg Complex

      Located just outside the main campus offering family apartments (2 bedrooms). Fully furnished with laundry facilities in each apartment and bike storage on site. Read More

    More Information you may need

    Charles Clore House

    Located on Campus with a mix of apartments for couples and singles. Each apartment is furnished and has cooking facilities (no gas). There are laundry facilities on site.

    Read more about Charles Clore House

    Preparing Your Arrival

    Below you will find all of the essential information that you will need in order to make your arrival in Israel as smooth as possible.

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