Knowing what to do when you are thinking about starting a family or discovering you are pregnant, can seem daunting, especially when you are in a different country, away from family and friends. We have gathered all of the information that you will need to help you understand the system and know what to expect when you are expecting in Israel - please contact us to receive a written guide. Our door is always open for friendly advice and support.

Health Insurance

Depending upon the type of policy you have, there is a waiting period.  Please make sure that you notify Harel Yedidim of the pregnancy as soon as possible - they will be able to assist you in making the appointments that you will need.

Contact: Einat Cohen. 054-5297775.

Clalit Ob-Gyn’s

Private Ob-Gyn’s

You may decide to have a private consultation and you can contact the following:

Combining Academic Career with Pregnancy and Motherhood

How will my PI and peers react? How should I let them know? How will this affect my academic career? See the articles below, written by female scientists at Weizmann.

Nannies, Kindergarten and more

Once you are home with your newborn, you may be ready to look for some childcare. Private daycare and nannies can be found for babies up to age 3. Contact us for an up to date list of options, and you can read more at K-12 Education.

Counselling Services & Support

There is a free of charge counselling service on campus which enables you to discuss and think through any personal difficulties with a trained professional. All appointments are completely confidential. 

Postdocs & Students

  • Nirit Cohen-Strauss

    Social Worker


    08-934-9219 054-306-7600




  • Stavit Chochva

    Head, Social Work section


    08-934-4507 054-476-3872



Fertility Treatments

Some people get pregnant quickly, but for others it can take longer. We want you to know that  we’re here to help.  Israel is a world leader in fertility treatments. Information can be found here and we encourage you to contact us for help locating specialist doctors and other practical assistance.

Note that fertility and IVF treatments are not covered by Harel Yedidim health insurance. 

Support through other challenges

In some cases pregnancy is unwanted or shadowed by unwelcome circumstances such as  abortion, baby loss, or postpartum depression. The Institute offers free of charge discreet counselling on campus. Below you will find some related links.

More Information you may need

Learning Hebrew

Levels 1 & 2

We are glad to offer Hebrew lessons as subsidized courses on campus, overseen by the FGS in all academic aspects of the courses. The lessons are open to our international (adult) community and their spouses. 

Read more about Learning Hebrew


The Weizmann Institute of Science operates over 500 housing units.  Here you will find information regarding maintaining your apartment, changing apartment type, departing from our housing and insuring the contents of your apartment.  In addition, when your eligibility for our housing ends, our team will assist you to locate and rent an off campus apartment in Rehovot.
Read more about Housing