WeizmannNet App


How to Install

  • Go to Google Play or the App Store
  • Search for WeizmannNet
  • Download the new WeizmannNet app to your phone
  • Open the application and enter your Weizmann username or Employee number.
    An email will be sent to your Weizmann email account.
  • Open your Weizmann email account and copy the 6 digit code your recieve in to the application.
  • Enjoy using WeizmannNet at your fingertips!

For Support contact the 
IT ServiceDesk 4444


  • Search by first name, last name or 4 digit extension
  • Enter the name in either English or Hebrew - tap Search on the keyboard
  • iPhone: Swipe right  |  Android: Long press
    for quick access to call, email, locate with Waze,
    or add the contact to your phone
  • Tap desired search result to view more detailed information

Integrated Calendar

  • Filter events by category, sponsor, or Date 
  • iPhone: Swipe right  |  Android: Long press
    To add the event to your phone’s calendar
  • Tap the desired event for full details
  • Receive push notification for changes of details for events in your phone’s calendar such as time, and location
    Enable/disable push notifications in the app Settings (see below)

Find a Building

  • Search for a location by entering the building name, department, or service (restaurant, hall, etc.)
  • Tap on the desired search result and choose to navigate there on foot or with a car.

Bulletin Board

  • View campus-wide announcements such as IT maintenance and road closures
  • Recieve push notifications for these announcements
    Enable/disable push notifications in the app Settings (see below)

 Service Centers

Call Construction, IT ServiceDesk or Operations support
 Open a service ticket for IT ServiceDesk or Operations Support

System Health

  • View live updates about maintenance and outages of IT systems on the app homescreen
  • Tap on the message to see more details about the message
  • Receive push noticiations when System Health is updated
    Enable/disable push notifications in the app Settings (see below)


  • Direct dial for security and firefighting, safety and medical aid

Today's Menus

  • View the “choice of the day” at campus restaurants


  • Settings can be found in the upper right corner of the homescreen
  • Tap on settings to enable/disable push notifications
  • Enable View Tutorials and go back to the main screen to see the tutorial