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Overnight Guest Policy


As you are a resident in gender dependant shared housing, which has been designated for a certain number of people, below are the guidelines regarding having house guests:

  1. No Guests are allowed to stay overnight for more than 14 consecutive nights if they are from abroad, or for 7 consecutive nights if they are from other parts of Israel.  
  2. If you would like to have an overnight guest, you should request the agreement of your roommate(s).  If they do NOT agree, then the guest should NOT stay overnight.
  3. Please be considerate when you have an overnight guest:           Do not monopolise the shared living areas; Keep your and your guests belongings in your room; Keep the toiletries in the bathroom tidy; The guest should sleep in your room – not in the shared areas.
  4. It is NOT acceptable to have partners (boyfriends/girlfriends) staying over in your apartment more than 1 night per week, and again should be coordinated in agreement with your roommate.

Residents who do not abide by these rules will be given one warning, and if there is no improvement, will be asked to leave WIS housing.


You are welcome to have guests come and visit you, however, we ask that you are considerate towards other guests and ensure that the housing office knows of any guests staying for longer than 14 consecutive nights.

We can provide you with extra mattress' if you do not have a fold-out couch, and extra bedding sets may be purchased for the cost of the laundry - ask in the housing office.

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