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When the dial tone is not constant, or you have a flashing red light on your phone, you have a message.

To access the system, dial 96 – when asked for an access code, dial the last 4 digits of your telephone number.

Throughout the system, when you are prompted to answer: 1 = YES  2 = NO

Press 3 to skip to the end of the msg Press 34 to reply to the message
Press 5 to raise/lower volume Press 36 to delete the message
Press 7 to repeat the message 37 to save the message
Press 8 to stop the message Press 38 to establish the time of the message
Press 9 to hear the next message Press 39 to forward the message
Press 746 to record your own voicemail greeting (follow the voice instructions)  


To check your voicemail from outside the apartment, dial 08-934-3388, then dial 9 when prompted, followed by your extension number (the last 4 digits of your telephone number).

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