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On-Campus Housing

Overnight Guest Policy


As you are a resident in gender dependant shared housing, which has been designated for a certain number of people, below are the guidelines regarding having house guests:


This is relevant for guests in Europe House and the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences only.

If you have guests coming to visit you, or are getting a take-away delivered, there is an intercom located at the pedestrian entrance to Europe House and on Pinsker Street for the Lunenfeld-Kunin Residences.
Have your guest dial the last 4 digits of your apartment telephone number (written on the phone), and when you answer, press 8 for a few seconds and it will open the gate for them to enter.

Alarm Call

The telephone in your apartment has the facility to allow you to set an alarm call:

Dial 17311 xx hrs xx minutes, 2 for AM or 7 for PM.


We provide wireless internet connections in our apartments in Lunenfeld-Kunin residences and Europe House.  They are not password protected and are called EDIMAX.  In other residences, we provide a wired connection.

Please do NOT set-up a password on the routers.

Rental Payments

Housing rental is charged in arrears.  No payment is required prior to arrival.

Invoices will be sent to your department, and a copy will be sent to the cashiers office.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card at the cashiers office which is located in the Stone Administration Building, ground floor, room 18.  They can be contactd on 08-934-3495, between 08.00 - 16.00 Sunday - Thursday.

Enviromental Awareness

WIS recognises the need to demonstrate environmental awareness, promote recycling, and reduce our carbon footprint by minimising energy wastage. We strongly encourage you to work with us to meet these important challenges. Please therefore be aware of the following:


When the dial tone is not constant, or you have a flashing red light on your phone, you have a message.

To access the system, dial 96 – when asked for an access code, dial the last 4 digits of your telephone number.

Throughout the system, when you are prompted to answer: 1 = YES  2 = NO

Damage and Replacement

Please notify the Housing Office immediately should you damage something in the apartment.

If something needs to be replaced, we will obtain an accurate replacement cost estimate and notify the guest what the charge will be.

Replacement Key - 50 shekels

Parking Lot Remote Controls - 150 shekels

Air-conditioner / Heater

A/C units are operational in all of our apartments to cool and heat them.  Please ensure that you switch these off when you exit the apartment.  Instructions are on separate card in apartment.

For Visiting Scientists, additional heaters and fans are available in our office.

Cable television

You have access to a wide variety of channels in various languages. You may switch channels using the remote control.  There is an instruction card in your apartment