August 14, 1992 - August 14, 2025

  • Date:28SundayNovember 2021

    Neurobiology of Social and Sickness Behaviors

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    14:00 - 15:15
    Prof. Catherine Dulac
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard University, Cambridge MA
    Department of Brain Sciences
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    Social interactions are essential for animals to survive, reproduce, raise their young. Over the years, my lab has attempted to decipher the unique characteristics of social recognition: what are the unique cues that trigger distinct social behaviors, what is the nature and identity of social behavior circuits, how is the function of these circuits different in males and females and how are they modulated by the animal physiological status? In this lecture, I will describe our recent progress in understanding how different parts of the brain participate in the positive and negative control of parental behavior in males and females, providing a new framework to understand the regulation of adult-infant interactions in health and disease. I will also describe how new approaches in in situ single cell transcript
    omics have enabled us to uncover specific hypothalamic cell populations involved in distinct social behaviors. Finally, I will describe our most recent work uncovering how specific brain circuits are able to direct adaptive changes in behavior during sickness episodes in mice.

    Host: Dr. Takashi Kawashima tel: 2995