September 27, 1993 - September 27, 2026

  • Date:28ThursdaySeptember 2023

    Experience-dependent genetic and synaptic regulation of stability and plasticity in cortical circuits

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    11:00 - 12:15
    The David Lopatie Hall of Graduate Studies
    Room C
    Dahlia Kushinsky-Student Seminar PhD Thesis Defense
    Advisor-Dr. Ivo Spiegel
    Department of Brain Sciences
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    Neural circuits in the brain must be plastic enough to allow an animal to adapt to and learn from new experiences yet they must also remain functionally stable such that previously learned skills and information are retained. Thus, fundamental questions in neuroscience concern the molecular, cellular, and circuit mechanisms that balance the plasticity and stability of neural circuits. During my studies, I investigated these mechanisms in three studies that focused on sensory- and behavioral state-dependent changes in transcription and GABAergic inhibition in the visual cortex of adult mice. In my Ph.D. defense, I will elaborate on the novel molecular-cellular mechanisms that I discovered in these studies and discuss their role in conveying both plasticity and stability to visual processing and perception.