May 20, 1988 - May 20, 2021

  • Date:29TuesdayAugust 2017

    AMO Special Seminar

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    13:15 - 14:30
    Quantum Simulation of Lattice Gauge Theories: from Analog to Digital
    Edna and K.B. Weissman Building of Physical Sciences
    Dr. Erez Zohar, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Germany
    Department of Physics of Complex Systems
    Optics and Atomic Physics Seminar
    AbstractShow full text abstract about Gauge theories are not only important and fundamental in mod...»
    Gauge theories are not only important and fundamental in modern physics, they also present some hard, challenging puzzled waiting to be solved.
    In the recent years, quantum information, optics and atomic physics have proposed two new approaches for studying such theories: tensor networks studies and quantum simulation.
    In my talk I will discuss the latter, present some analog quantum simulation schemes using ultracold atoms, and focus on a recent, digital formulation of lattice gauge theories that decomposes four-body interactions from two-body ones, allowing for digital quantum simulation schemes with atomic systems.