Today, May 21, 2020 people around the globe will be commemorating International Diversity Day – a date first declared by the UN in 2001.

This day is an opportunity for us at the Weizmann Institute of Science to celebrate our human mosaic of scientists, students and staff.

It is, as well, an opportunity to remind ourselves of our commitment to create and preserve a research, study and work environment that is diverse, inclusive and which advances equality and fairness to all who are different from us in gender, ethnic group, religious belief, status or in any other way. Our environment must be one that promotes equal rights and equal opportunity, and does not tolerate discriminatory or racist behavior.

In fact, diversity is one of the more significant elements contributing to excellence in science, and so in recognition of our debt to diversity and to humanity, we are pleased to work together to ensure that the Institute’s multicultural nature is upheld – without borders, either physical or symbolic.

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