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Head Prof. Yinon Rudich

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Prof. Yinon Rudich

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The research in this department is dedicated to understanding the complex inter-relationships among the major Earth Systems and on the human impact on the Earth's environment and climate. In addition,  research is conducted on planetary atmospheres and planetary geomorphologies.

The Department's research activities have several general areas of activities. One focuses on water and includes hydrology, geochemistry, land-plant-atmosphere interactions, and oceanography. A second activity is in the use of stable isotopes for reconstructions of paleoclimatic and of biosphere-atmosphere dynamics, and a third is in the area of atmospheric chemistry and dynamics, and cloud physics. The fourth area of research is in planetary sciences.   Our research requires knowledge of the interdependent components that together constitute the "environment", as well as a commitment to protect this environment by improving the manner in which air, water, land, and energy are utilized by humans. The Department is distinguished by the interactions among scientists from different backgrounds and expertise, which is critical for achieving a comprehensive understanding of the global environment and planetary sciences.

The department promotes international collaborations based on short- and long-term visits for research and training by scientists who complement existing expertise in the Department. The interdisciplinary nature of the Department is well reflected in the academic training of the research students. Their backgrounds vary from physics, chemistry, and mathematics through geology to biology. We encourage the participation of students who are interested in not only investigating in depth a specific subject but who are also interested in a broader and integrative approach to science.

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