2020 research activities

Head Prof. Omri Sarig

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Prof. Omri Sarig

Office +972-8-934-4305


The principal research interests of the department lie in the broadly understood areas of analysis, probability, algebra, and geometry.

Topics covered in Analysis include operator and matrix theory, spectral theory, linear and nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations, functional and harmonic analysis, ergodic theory and dynamical systems, control theory in its various manifestations, optimization, game theory, approximation and complexity of functions, numerical analysis, singularity theory and robotics.

Research in Probability theory covers random walks and graphs, motion in random media, percolation, random matrices, Gaussian fields and other probabilistic models in mathematical physics.

Areas of Geometric research include the structure of finite and infinite dimensional spaces, analytic, real algebraic and semi-algebraic geometry, typology of foliations and complex vector fields.

The Algebraic direction includes some aspects of algebraic geometry, geometric group theory, Lie Theory, representation theory, quantum groups, number theory, automorphic forms, ring theory, statistics of Young diagrams, algebraic combinatorics and enveloping algebras, invariants and crystals.

For the research done at our sister department, the Department of Scomputer Science and Applied Mathematics, see here.

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