2024 research activities

Head Prof. Omri Sarig

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Prof. Omri Sarig

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The principal research interests of the department lie in the broadly understood areas of analysis, probability, algebra, and geometry.

Topics covered in Analysis include operator and matrix theory, spectral theory, linear and nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations, functional and harmonic analysis, ergodic theory and dynamical systems, control theory in its various manifestations, optimization, game theory, approximation and complexity of functions, numerical analysis, singularity theory and robotics.

Research in Probability theory covers random walks and graphs, motion in random media, percolation, random matrices, Gaussian fields and other probabilistic models in mathematical physics.

Areas of Geometric research include the structure of finite and infinite dimensional spaces, analytic, real algebraic and semi-algebraic geometry, typology of foliations and complex vector fields.

The Algebraic direction includes some aspects of algebraic geometry, geometric group theory, Lie Theory, representation theory, quantum groups, number theory, automorphic forms, ring theory, statistics of Young diagrams, algebraic combinatorics and enveloping algebras, invariants and crystals.

For the research done at our sister department, the Department of Scomputer Science and Applied Mathematics, see here.

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  • Picture of Prof. Avraham Rami Aizenbud

    Prof. Avraham Rami Aizenbud

    Algebraic geometry
    Collaboration with:  Nir Avni, Raf Cluckers, Dmitry Gourevitch
    Algebraic groups
    Singularity theory
    Geometric invariant theory
    Motivic integration
    Algebraic Stacks
    Rational points
    Representation theory
    Collaboration with:  Nir Avni, Dmitry Gourevitch, Shachar Carmeli, Eitan Sayag.
    Representation theory of real groups
    Representation theory of p-adic groups
    Representation theory of finite groups of Lie type
    Harmonic analysis on Spherical varieties
    Gelfand pairs
    Asymptotic representation theory
    Functional analysis:
    Collaboration with:  Dmitry Gourevitch, Shachar Carmeli, Raf Cluckers
    Distributions and generalized functions
    Microlocal analysis
    Topological vector spaces

  • Picture of Prof. Zvi Artstein

    Prof. Zvi Artstein

    Decisions, the impact of evolution.
    Ordinary differential equations, singular perturbations, averaging.
    Control and optimal control, singularly perturbed systems, variational analysis.
    Teaching mathematics in view of evolution

  • Picture of Prof. Harry Dym

    Prof. Harry Dym

    Classical analysis.
    Operator theory.
    Collaboration with:  Damir Z. Arov, Vladimir Derkach
    Inverse problems.
    Collaboration with:  Damir Z. Arov

  • Picture of Dr. Ronen Eldan

    Dr. Ronen Eldan

    High dimensional phenomena in probability and geometry
    Analysis and functional inequalities
    Applications of high dimensional theory to learning theory and optimization

  • Picture of Dr. Dmitry Gourevitch

    Dr. Dmitry Gourevitch

    Invariant distributions
    Collaboration with:  Avraham Aizenbud, Eitan Sayag, Siddhartha Sahi, Eyal Kaplan
    Representation theory of reductive groups over local fields
    Collaboration with:  Siddhartha Sahi, Avraham Aizenbud, Eitan Sayag, Eyal Kaplan
    Representations of real reductive groups
    Representations of p-adic reductive groups
    Non-commutative harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces, or Relative representation theory
    Degenerate Whittaker models and Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms
    Multiplicities in induced representations, Gelfand pairs
    Non-commutative harmonic analysis on spherical varieties
    Wave-front sets of distinguished representations
    Fourier coefficients of small automorphic representations
    Collaboration with:  Henrik P. A. Gustafssonb; Axel Kleinschmidt; Daniel Persson; Siddhartha Sahi

  • Picture of Prof. Victor Katsnelson

    Prof. Victor Katsnelson

    Operator theory
    Harmonic analysis.
    Classical analysis
    Analytic theory of differential equations.
    System representation theory of matrix functions.
  • Picture of Prof. Amitai Regev

    Prof. Amitai Regev

    Non-commutative ring theory, Algebras satisfying polynomial identities
    Collaboration with:  Allan Berele, Doron Zeilberger
    Combinatorics: Symmetric functions, Permutation statistics

  • Picture of Dr. Ran Tessler

    Dr. Ran Tessler

    Mathematical physics
    Collaboration with:  Dr. Chaim Even Zohar Mr. Tsviqa Lakrec Dr. Xavier Blot Dr. Sybille Rosset Dr. Yizhen Zhao Mr. Elad Tzalik. Prof. Tali Kaufman

  • Picture of Prof. Yosef Yomdin

    Prof. Yosef Yomdin

    High Order Data Representation, Nonlinear Model Approximation. Taylor Models, High-Order Numerical methods
    Semialgebraic Complexity of functions, Signals Acquisition via non-linear model approximation
    Analytic Theory of Differential Equations, Generalized Moments, Compositions
    Zeroez distribution in Families of Analytic Functions
    Model-based image analysis, representation, compression. Model-based search, capturing, and animation

  • Picture of Prof. Ofer Zeitouni

    Prof. Ofer Zeitouni

    Motion in random media
    Random matrices
    Applications in nonlinear filtering, Communication and Information theory
    Logarithmically correlated random fields