Career Development for Young Female Scientists Course (CaDYFS)

It is aimed at women in the middle of their PhD (third year and up) and Postdocs at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
It will deal with tolls for career development.

In today's science landscape, a strategic, proactive and individual approach to career development is essential. This is particularly true for women where they may also be considering prospects related to dual-career partnerships and motherhood. However, scientists are often unsupported in the complex task of sourcing and evaluating the available career options as well as deciding on a career path that fits their interests, motivations, and life choices.

In this interactive workshop, participants will identify their transferable skills and career-drivers and values, building confidence in what they have to offer. We will guide them to explore different career options and analyze which career path might match their interests, skills, and current/future life situations. Through supported practice in communicating their achievements and career goals in an impactful way and rehearsing a strategy for answering interview questions, we will empower participants to master the application process and present themselves with credibility and authenticity.

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • have developed the intellectual framework to make informed career choices
  • have increased the awareness of their own skill set, career goals and values
  • be equipped with a strategy to answer interview questions
  • be empowered to present themselves and their work with impact
  • understand career development as a continuous and dynamic process
  • have strengthened the network within their community

Course topics

  • Developing your competence profile
  • Defining career goals: a strategic approach
  • Skills, interests and values: why are you doing science and what for?
  • Career options: What is out there for me, in my situation?
  • Getting through the door: structuring your resume or cv
  • The job interview: a clear framework for answering interview questions
  • Taking action: tools and tips to kick off your career development


16 Sunday April 2023
17 Monday April 2023
Neve Ilan Hotel