31 March 2024

Krav Maga Self-Protection Workshop - Women Forum Faculty of Life Science

05 January 2024

Women’s Postdoctoral Career Development Award in Science 2024

Deadline: 01/05/2024

More information

21 March 2024

PhD & Postdocs Workshops: CaDYFS and YFLIS Last Day for Registration

Two workshops for PhD and Postdocs, deadline: 21/03/2024

CaDYFS information

YFLIS information



12 March 2024

Call for Abstract - International Women in Science Day Conference

Save the date for the International Women in Science Day Conference on the 12th of March

Abstract submission until the 25th of January 

04 January 2024

Zoom meeting for information on Women Students and Postdocs Mentoring Programs

You are welcome to join a short Zoom meeting for information regarding our two mentoring programs:
Program onementoring given by women scientists
Program two: WISeMom - mentoring given by mother student or postdoc

Zoom Link

15 October 2023

Assistance to Women of the Weizmann Institute of Science

Dear women of the Weizmann Institute of Science,

27 September 2023

JACS in Conversation with Prof. Lia Addadi

Listen to the talk of JACS with Prof. Lia Addadi 


13 September 2023

WISeMom End of the Year Gathering was a Huge Celebration!

Thank you to all the mentees and mentors that had volunteered for this great project!

17 July 2023

End of Activities Year Meeting - Faculties Head of Women Students Forums

26 June 2023

Women Forum Faculty of Chemistry Science Communication Lecture With Meital Salmor

14 June 2023

Evening With Women PhD and Postdocs With Spouses

Evening with women PhD and Postdocs with spouses. Thank you Dr. Tslil Ast and Shachar Dagan, Dr. Meital Oren and Elroi Oren, Dr. Michal Ramot and Boaz Tal, for sharing your postdoc experience and for great “tips”.

11 June 2023

The Launched of the Women's Forum Faculty of Life Science Was a Huge Success!

Hope to see you all at the next Life Science Forum meeting! 

11 June 2023

We Are Happy to Announce the Launched of Women Forum Faculty of Life Science Open configuration options

11 July 2023

Ben Gurion Preparatory Conference for Post-doctorate Position

Deadline for registration: 25th of June 2023

Registration Link

Poster Ben Gurion University
29 May 2023

Imposter Syndrome workshop - Women Forum Faculty of Chemistry

Thank you Prof. Ron Milo for your excellent meeting.

Link for event

20 April 2023

PhD & Postdocs Workshop: 2nd Career Development for Young Female Scientists Course (CaDYFS) April 16-17, 2023 “Neve Ilan”

02 May 2023

Save the date – Israel Independence Day, National Webinar of Women Scientists in Hebrew

A celebration of female researchers in honor of the 75th Independence Day of the State of Israel!

15 March 2023

International Women in Science Day Conference

01 May 2023

Announcement Women's Postdoctoral Award for Science Career Development

15 March 2023

International Day for Women in Science

Dear Women Scientist,

On March 15th, we will celebrate the International Day of Women in Science, by organizing a TED-style lecture conference.

We are happy to invite each of you (students, postdocs, PIs, and staff Scientists) to give a 10-12 minute talk about your research, by submitting an abstract.

The event is hosted by the Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Gender Equality and will take place at the David Lopatie Conference Centre.

Abstract submission deadline: January 8th, 2023