The committee includes representatives from across the Weizmann, including faculty, administration, staff scientists, students, and post-docs.

The goal of the committee is to collect data related to gender from across the Institute, to analyze and identify priority issues and to come up with solutions to improve the overall situation related to a balanced representation between men and women at the Institute. 

The Committee also works on employment, workplace environment, internal mobility, and professional career development. Committee members represent women across the Insitiution, and serve as their contact for any issues related to gender.


Committee Members

  • Adi Zahavi 
  • Prof. Ehud Friedgut
  • Gili Vainer
  • Hila Dahari
  • Prof. Idit Shachar, Head
  • Prof. Itay Halevy
  • Jenny-Lee Mathias
  • Limor Rimon-Madhala
  • Michal Hirschberg
  • Dr. Meytal Eran- Jon
  • Prof. Michal Leskes
  • Prof. Neta Regev-Rudzki
  • Dr. Orna Dahan
  • Oshrat Horowitz
  • Dr. Zohar Eyal
  • Dr. Yael Pewzner-Jung