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The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Postdoctoral Award for Women in Mathematical and Computing Sciences

For: Postdoctoral

Scholarship amount: $50,000

Deadline submission: 15th of August 2023

Sponsors: Schmidt Futures

Email: israelpostdoc@schmidtfutures.com
          for application: spap2023@easychair.org

Link: More information

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The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Postdoctoral Award for Women in Mathematical and Computing Sciences  supports promising women in Israel who wish to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in the mathematical and computational sciences or engineering at a major institution outside of Israel. Each award recipient will receive a grant of $50,000 upon beginning a postdoctoral or early career research fellowship in her discipline at a major institution located outside of Israel. 

Ben Gurion University, a call for Applicants - Postdoctoral scholarship for women

Post-doctoral scholarship for women who intend to take a post-doc position abroad in STEM fields -2022-2024 – A call for applicants

For: Postdoctoral in fields of science and engineering

Scholarship amount: $25,000 per year, total $50,000

Deadline submission: 14th of April 2023

Sponsors: Ben Gurion University

Link: More Information

Email: women@bgu.ac.il​​



The Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholars Program

The Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholars Program provides additional support for up to two years to Israeli PhD graduates who have been accepted to a postdoctoral program with a stipend at an American university.

For: Israeli Postdoctoral

Scholarship amount: $20,000 per academic year, plus a $5,000 travel allowance to return to Israel once per academic year

Deadline submission: 31st of March 2023

Sponsors: Zuckerman Scholarship

Link: More information

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The Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholars Program provides additional support for up to two years to Israeli PhD graduates who have been accepted to a postdoctoral program with a stipend at an American university. Candidates are encouraged to apply to a university that offers more specialized training than they would find in Israel.

Upon completion of the program, scholars are expected to return to the Israeli campuses from which they earned their doctorates and visit other Israeli universities, to speak to faculty and PhD students about the program, share insights about their research, and talk about collaborating with scientists in the United States.

Candidates for Zuckerman STEM Leadership Programs are assessed based on their academic and research achievements, as well as on personal merit and leadership qualities, without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or age.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, five Israeli postdoctoral scholarships will be awarded to eight participating universities: Ariel University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, University of Haifa, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, and Weizmann Institute of Science.

Two of the five scholarships will be awarded to women.

All five candidates will be selected at these universities based on academic merit only.


  • Candidates must hold a PhD from one of the eight participating universities: Ariel University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, University of Haifa, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, and Weizmann Institute of Science.
  • If still studying for a PhD, they must submit their doctoral thesis before October 1, 2023.
  • Candidates who commenced their postdoctoral position before October 2022 are not eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must be accepted to a postdoctoral program at an American university or research institute that includes a stipend to work and study. They must obtain consent from a potential hosting supervisor at that university or research institute.


  • Zuckerman Israeli postdoctoral scholarships are awarded for up to two years.
  • Zuckerman Israeli postdoctoral scholars receive a stipend of $20,000 per academic year, plus a $5,000 travel allowance to return to Israel once per academic year during their postdoctoral appointment.

VATAT Scholarship

For: Postdoctoral

Scholarship amount: $36,000 per academic year, up to two years

Deadline submission: 12th of March 2023

Sponsors: VATAT Scholarship

Email: marazi@univ.haifa.ac.il

Link: More information


CHE/PBC Fellowship for Postdoctoral training abroad for women

The fellowship is intended to cover any of the following- living expenses abroad; flight tickets for the fellow and her family; moving expenses.

For: Postdoctoral 

Scholarship amount: $36,000 per year, up to two years

Deadline submission: 5th of March 2023

Sponsors: Weizmann Institute, VATAT

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  • Israeli citizenship.
  • Female candidates accepted to a postdoctoral program abroad, who will receive a fellowship from their host institution or any other postdoctoral fellowship for postdoctoral research programs for no less than two years.
  • Candidates must hold a Ph.D. degree from the Weizmann Institute of Science that was received no more than five years prior to the beginning of the Postdoc training abroad. If still studying towards a PhD, the degree must be approved within one year from the beginning of the Postdoctoral training.
  • Female candidates who have already started their postdoc abroad cannot apply for this fellowship.
  • The postdoctoral program will focus on research activities in the candidate’s scientific field.
  • The candidate will devote herself to the postdoctoral program on a full time basis.
  • Candidates who were previously nominated as senior academic staff members will not be eligible to apply.
  • Students who were nominated for this fellowship in the past, may not be nominated again.
  • A student cannot apply to two VATAT fellowships at the same time


Combined track:

The combined track fellowship will be given to candidates who meet all the eligibility prerequisites listed above and are approved by the VATAT review committee for division of postdoctoral training between WIS and a university abroad due to personal, medical or cultural reasons that prevent her from conducting a full time Postdoctoral training abroad.

Candidates accepted to the combined track – must spend a period of at least six weeks per year (consecutive or divided) at the host university abroad.



  • The continuation of the fellowship for the second year is contingent on the Postdoctoral Fellow’s academic activity and the submission of an annual progress report.
  • Immediately following the Postdoctoral training, the candidate must apply for a position at one of the Israeli institutions of higher learning.
  • If the awardee decides not to return to one of the institutions in Israel, even though conditions have permitted it, she will be required to return the fellowship she received from VATAT.


Required documents

  1. Application form (attached). Please include list of publications, information on participation in conferences/workshops, academic awards etc.
  2. CV
  3. Letter of acceptance for Postdoctoral training abroad from the host university.
  4. Research plan for the Postdoctoral training
  5. Two letters of recommendation (one must be from the PhD advisor).
  6. Statement of commitment (attached)
  7. For the combined track – a letter of acceptance and approval of the combined track by the future advisor at the university abroad.


How to apply
Please use our online service:

  1. Click this link and use your username and password to access the system
  2. Choose the relevant CALL
  3. Upload the required documents
  4. Input the name(s) of your referees to whom you wish to submit a letter on your behalf
  5. Upon completing the session and clicking the SUBMIT CHANGES button the system will send you an email with unique links for each of your referees. You may send each one of them the link and they will be able to access the system and submit their letter (no username and password will be required)



  • You may access the system as many times as you wish, view the existing files and upload additional ones until the deadline mentioned above. Thereafter the particular CALL will be blocked.
  • Each time you click the SUBMIT CHANGES button the system will send you a reminder with a list of the missing documents and letters.
  • Please notify the FGS in case you encounter a problem during submission.
  • Incomplete files will NOT be reviewed.


L'Oréal USA For Postdoctocal Women in Science

The L’Oréal USA For Women in Science fellowship program awards five women postdoctoral scientists annually with grants of $60,000 each for their contributions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields and commitment to serving as role models for younger generations.

For: Postdoctoral with U.S. citizen in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields

Scholarship amount: up to $60,000 

Deadline submission: 17th of February 2023

Sponsors: The L’Oréal USA

Link: More information



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You could be awarded $60,000 for research in a STEM field.

We’re seeking five exceptional female scientists looking to advance their research and serve as role models for the next generation of girls in STEM.

Candidates must have completed their PhD and have started in their postdoctoral research position by the application deadline.

Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to apply.

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Call for Applications for a New Postdoctoral Research Program

With the support from the Rothschild Foundation, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Cancer Research (CCR) is launching a new initiative in partnership with universities in Israel to identify candidates for post-doctoral research fellowships.

For: Postdoctoral or PhDs or are in the last year of their thesis

Deadline submission: 16th of January, 2023

Sponsors: Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Cancer Research (CCR), Rothschild Foundation

Email: rmostoslavsky@mgh.harvard.edu

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With the support from the Rothschild Foundation, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Cancer Research (CCR) is launching a new initiative in partnership with universities in Israel to identify candidates for post-doctoral research fellowships.

This collaborative program will involve initial applications from Israeli graduate students in the last year of their thesis. Selected fellows will be invited to Boston, MA, for an in-person mini-symposium, where they will present their work and interview with CCR faculty of interest.

This opportunity is aimed at providing students with a unique opportunity to personally interact with MGHCCR/Harvard faculty in selecting a laboratory for postdoctoral research, and overcoming current travel/relocation challenges following years of pandemic-related disruption.

The Center for Cancer Research at Mass General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, includes 51 Harvard faculty members and more than 500 students, technicians and postdoctoral scientists. Our laboratories engage in all aspects of cancer research, from fundamental genetics and immunology to computational biology, and clinically related therapeutic initiatives.

See the 2022 CCR Report for a full description of all the Investigators’ research https://www.massgeneral.org/assets/mgh/pdf/cancer-center/ccr/2022_ccr_a… or visit our website: https://www.massgeneral.org/cancer-center/clinical-trials-and-research/…

This is an OPEN CALL for all interested PhD students who have received their PhDs or are in the last year of their thesis.

Deadline for submitting an application: January 16, 2023.

Eligibility Requirement: PhD or MD/PhD students from any Israeli academic institution who have completed their PhD in 2021-2022 or are expected to complete it no later than April 2023. Must be able to travel to Boston on May 8th – 9th.

Application: Please submit the following materials by January 16, 2023, via Interfolio at the link below http://apply.interfolio.com/116399
- CV/NIH Biosketch (Education, Professional Experience, Awards, Publications)
- One-page Summary of Research Accomplishments
- Half-page Research Interests and potential labs for post-doctoral work
- 2 Letters of Recommendation

Process: Following review, up to 15 selected students will be invited to participate (travel-related costs covered) in a 2-day Retreat at the MGH Center for Cancer Research, in Boston on May 8th- 9th, 2023. Invited students will present short talks about their research to CCR Faculty, have the opportunity to visit the laboratories, and have one-on-one interviews with potential mentors.
For inquiries about eligibility or the application process, please email Dr. Raul Mostoslavsky, Scientific Co-Director, MGH CCR/Harvard Medical School. (rmostoslavsky@mgh.harvard.edu)

The Hebrew University program for Postdoctoral scholarships for outstanding doctoral students

Postdoctoral fellowships for outstanding doctoral students for postdoctoral training abroad, or in a combined format in Israel and abroad.

The scholarships may help in the future in competing for an academic staff position at the Hebrew University or at another academic institution.

These scholarships are intended for assistance in financing the stay in further education abroad or in financing the stay abroad as part of the integrated program in Israel and abroad. As a rule, the scholarships are given for one year of study.

For: Postdoctoral

Scholarship amount: $25,000

Deadline submission: 30th of June 2022

Sponsors: Hebrew University

Link: More information

Email: soranas@savion.huji.ac.il


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Conditions for submitting and selecting the nomination:
1. Only Hebrew University graduates are eligible to apply.

2. Eligibility to apply for a scholarship for researchers from all academic fields, who intend to be in a postdoctoral program abroad in Israel (or in a combined program in Israel and abroad) in one of the world's leading universities in their field of research, and have won a scholarship from the receiving institution or any other postdoctoral scholarship, in a total amount (of the external scholarship and this scholarship of the Hebrew University) that does not exceed $80,000 per year. Receiving the scholarship is conditional on presenting a certificate of acceptance to study at an institution abroad and receiving the aforementioned scholarship.

3. Another condition for submitting the application is that the date on which the researcher is expected to receive the third degree is no later than one year after leaving for further training and at the beginning of the further training the work was submitted for judging, or when leaving for further training four years have not yet passed from the date of eligibility to receive the third degree (that is, eligibility for the degree was granted after 1.10.2018 ).

4. The university committee will consider the possibility of awarding a combined post-doctoral scholarship (dual location) to female researchers in all fields of science, who intend to conduct research abroad in non-consecutive periods during the training according to the following conditions:
- The scholarship is intended for those whose postdoctoral period will be at least two years. During this training period, the researcher will stay abroad for a period of at least 12 months in total.
- A post-doctoral period will not be approved in the research group in which the researcher carried out the doctoral thesis.
- Preference will be given to those who choose to do the post-doctorate at the Hebrew University, provided that it is in a different research group, department or institute than the ones where the doctoral thesis was done. Candidates who have a commitment to funding for a research period of at least two years will be selected.

5. During the training period, the researcher will devote her full time to the academic activity at the university where she is paid. At the end of the scholarship year, it is mandatory to send us a research progress report.

6. The researcher will convey to the university her statement that in preparation for the completion of her studies abroad, she will contact the Hebrew University and academic institutions in Israel with a request to join as a faculty member. The Hebrew University will have the right of first refusal. If the researcher decides not to accept an offer to join the Hebrew University faculty as a faculty member in the usual way, She must return the scholarship she received to the university according to the conditions listed in the letter of commitment attached to this call.

7. The selection of the winning nominations will be made by the president's advisor for the advancement of women in academia and the members of the university scholarship committee, and will be based on scientific excellence only. The scholarships are intended for women of any marital status.

8. This program is intended for female researchers who did not previously have an appointment as a senior academic faculty member in the regular academic track at any academic institution in Israel or abroad.

9. Notifications about winning a scholarship will be sent during the month of August 2022, at the latest.

Application procedures:

Required material (in Hebrew or English):
1. Data sheet for submitting applications for the post-doctoral scholarship program (page 4 of the call)
2. CV and list of publications. A social security number must appear in the CV. of the candidate.
3. An application letter from the candidate in which she will introduce herself and detail the financial conditions offered by the host institution and/or by other funding sources (if possible, documents confirming the above should be attached).
4. Summary of the research work that will be done during the training (2-3 pages).
5. Letter of acceptance for further education (if she has it at the time of application).
6. Letter of recommendation from the PhD supervisor. If there is/was more than one supervisor, a letter of recommendation from each supervisor, or a joint letter of recommendation, signed by both supervisors, must be attached.
7. Letter of recommendation from a senior faculty member in the candidate's research field.
8. Letter of recommendation from the supervisor(s) for post-doctoral training (if there is already an acquaintance).*
9. The candidate's statement that at the end of the training she will apply to institutions in Israel to be accepted as a faculty member (attached to this call) and submit a research progress report.
* Do not attach more than 3 letters of recommendation (or 4 if there are/were 2 supervisors in the PhD)
The winner, if the candidate did not attach the letter of acceptance to the training (5. in the above list) must obtain it by the start of the training as a condition for realizing the win.

The application file must be submitted as one PDF file, where after the form below, the required documents have been inserted, arranged according to the above list in the "Required Material" section
The file must be forwarded by Wednesday, 30.06.2022 to the email address of Ms.Sorena Siegel, soranas@savion.huji.ac.il.

AAUW International Fellowships

Scholarships are intended to finance post-doctoral studies in the United States for female students who do not have American citizenship 2022-2023

Scholarship amount: $18,000 to $30,000

For: Postdoctoral with no U.S. citizen

Scholarship amount: $18,000 to $30,000

Sponsors: AAUW

Link: More information

International database for scholarships positions for women

Scholarships on the "Studies in Israel"