GIWAXS characterization of CdS nanowires

Aligned growth of planar semiconductor nanowires (NWs) on crystalline substrates has been widely demonstrated during the past two decades and was used for the fabrication of a large variety of devices. However, the dependence on single-crystal substrates is a major obstacle in the way of implementing NW-based applications in today’s silicon- and glass-based technologies. In this work the guided growth of semiconductor NWs is demonstrated along nanoscale-depth scratches, created in a nonlithographic process on amorphous oxidized silicon wafers and soda-lime glass.

 SEM image showing the alignment of NWs grown from Au NPs solution

Growth of planar NWs of hexagonal CdS guided by scratches on glass is demonstrated and studied by different means including X-ray diffraction. Grazing incident wide angle X-ray scattering (GIWAXS) measurements of CdS NWs in parallel and perpendicular to the scratch and NW direction demonstrates that the NWs grow without preferred orientation and absence of preferred growth direction.

To learn more about the work done by Prof E. Joselevich's group please see:

“Aligned Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires on Scratched Amorphous Substrates”

Alus L., Brontvein O., Kossoy A., Feldman Y., Joselevich E. Adv. Functional Materials (2021) 31, 210395