• Bat Sheva Eylon2021

    Elected as a Fellow of the International Society of the Learning Sciences

  • Rachel Mamlok-Naaman2021

    An IUPAC 2021 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering

  • Mordechai Ben-Ari2020

    Recipient of the Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award

  • Mordechai Ben-Ari2019

    Recognized by ACM SIGCSE as the author of one of the Top Ten Symposium Papers of All Time

  • Abraham Arcavi2019

    Recipient of an Award for Interdisciplinary Excellence in Mathematics Education from the Texas A&M University

  • Ronnie Karsenty2018

    Maxine Singer Prize for Outstanding Staff Scientists

  • Rachel Mamlok-Naaman2017

    Selected as a recipient of the ACS-CEI (American Chemical Society-Committee on Environmental Improvement) Award

  • Avi Hofstein2016

    Recipient the NARST Distinguished Contributions to Science Education through Research Award

  • Abraham Arcavi2016

    Re-elected as the Secretary General of the Commission of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) on Mathematical Instruction