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Emergency Phone (24 hours) 08-934-2999

Ambulance 08-101

Fire Department 08-102

Safety Unit 08-934-3844 (during work hours)

In case of a medical emergency

  1. Call the service center at: 08-934-2999 and provide the following:
    • The location of the injured person
    • His medical condition, noting whether an ambulance should be called
    • If possible, the name of the injured person
    • Give your name and cellular phone number / your extension number
  2. Hospitalization of the injured person:
    • The service center will call an ambulance (Heart Attack and Medical Emergencies) promptly upon receiving a request for an ambulance.
    • Injured people are not always aware of the gravity of their situation; therefore, they must not be allowed to walk away or drive by themselves.
    • Following inspection, the security officer will decide if the injured patient should be taken by an ambulance.
    • In such a case, the injured person should be accompanied by a friend or a colleague.
  3. Treatment on the premises:
    • The security officer will be in charge of the situation upon his arrival to the site where the injured person is found
    • First aid will be provided on the premises either by the security officer or by any other qualiffied person
    • The service center will update all the relevant offices regarding the incident

In case of fire

  1. Call 08-934-2999 report and ask for assistance:
    • Report fire, smoke or suspicious smell.
    • Report the exact location, building, floor and room number.
    • Give your name and cellular phone number or your extension number.
  2. Attempt to extinguish the fire (depending on its size and on the means available) remember:
    • Saving life should be given first priority.
    • Do not attempt to extinguish a fire if hazardous materials are involved.
    • If a fire is in a building or there is a chance that the fire has come in contact with electricity, do not use water to extinguish the fire.
  3. In case of fire, follow this procedure:
    Disconnect gas, direct people present in the building to the emergency exits, crawl in case of heavy smoke, do not attempt to open doors use rescue blankets, cooperate with others and obey the fire and emergency people’s instructions.
  4. Evacuate