Gemini SEM 500 (Zeiss)

Instrument Specification

The Gemini SEM 500 is a high-resolution SEM. It works both at high vacuum mode and low vacuum modes. It is equipped with various detectors; the E-T detector collects SE2 electrons and provides topographical information, the new high efficiency in-lens detector collects SE1 electrons and provide high-resolution surface information, the EsB detector collects BS electrons at low voltages and can provide materials’ contrast for all samples including nonconductive or beam sensitive samples, the multi diodes STEM detector collects transmitted electrons of thin samples at several modes (BF, DF, HAADF), the AsB detectors (one for high vacuum one for low vacuum) collect BS detectors for material and orientational information, the LVSE detector collects SE information in low vacuum modes. The GeminiSEM 500 is also equipped with EDS detector (60mm2 from Bruker) and CL detector and spectrometer (MonoCL4 Elite from Gatan). Furthermore, a cryo stage is available for imaging of biological samples and synthetic soft materials.

Characteristics & Accessories

  • Accelerating voltage: 0.02 to 30 kV
  • Variable pressure SEM (N2)
  • High efficiency In-lens SE detector
  • EsB detector with filtering grid for the detection of energy selective backscattered electrons.
  • STEM detector (BF, DF, HAADF)
  • AsB detectors (for both high and low vacuum modes)
  • Cryo-stage - Leica
  • EDS Bruker XFlash/60mm2
  • CL detector and spectrometer (Gatan -MonoCL4 Elite)