Quattro S- environmental SEM (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Instrument Specification

The Quattro environmental SEM is a special microscope that can be operated under various vacuum levels and environments (N2, water vapor). It enables imaging of wet, oily, dirty, outgassing and non-conductive samples in their natural state without significant sample modification or preparation. The microscope also works in the conventional high vacuum mode, providing high resolution images of conductive specimens. In addition, samples can be heated up to 1400 Celsius degrees and imaged using special high temperature detectors. The Quattro SEM is equipped with SE and BS detectors for any vacuum mode and temperature. Elemental analysis can be performed using the Xflash 60mm2 EDS detector.

Characteristics & Accessories

  • Accelerating voltage: 1 to 30 kV
  • Environmental modes for pressures as high as 4000Pa (H2O or N2)
  • SE detectors for all vacuum modes (SE-ET, LVD, GSED)
  • BS detectors for all vacuum modes (lens mounted DBS and ESEM GAD)
  • Retractable STEM 3+ Detector
  • Cooling stage for Wet STEM imaging
  • Cooling Stage (for wet mode)
  • 1400 degC Heating Stage (low vacuum)
  • 1000 degC Heating Stages (high vacuum)
  • EDS Bruker XFlash/60mm2
  • In-Chamber Nav-Cam