Talos Arctica (Thermo fisher Scientific)

Instrument Specification

Talos Arctica S/TEM microscope from Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) is used for advanced, high-throughput imaging, efficient screening of cryo-EM samples, 3D structural elucidation of cells and other biological specimens by cryo-STEM tomography, and electron diffraction. It features an AutoLoader that holds up to 12 cryo-preserved specimens and software for automated imaging.

Characteristics & Accessories

  • Accelerating voltage: 80-200 kV 
  • X-FEG Electron source 
  • AutoLoader 
  • Gatan K2 direct detector mounted at the end of Gatan BioQuantum energy filter 
  • Gatan OneView camera 
  • STEM detectors: BF, DF 
  • Software: EPU, Tomography, Velox, TIA, GMS3, SerialEM. 
  • Remote operation


Nella and Leon Benoziyo Building for Biological Sciences, Room 052B

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