Titan Krios G3i (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Instrument Specification

Titan Krios G3i S/TEM microscope from Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) is used for advanced, high-throughput, high-resolution 3D imaging and structural elucidation of proteins, cells and other biological specimens by cryo-TEM single particle analysis, and cryo-(S)TEM tomography. It features an AutoLoader that holds up to 12 cryo-preserved specimens, two direct electron detectors (TFS Falcon III and Gatan K3), energy filtering and software for automated imaging. There are three annular dark field and one bright field STEM detector. One of the DF detectors features four quadrants for phase STEM imaging (iDPC method). 

Characteristics & Accessories

  • Accelerating voltage: 80-300 kV 
  • X-FEG Electron source 
  • AutoLoader 
  • Falcon 3EC direct detector (above energy filter) 
  • Gatan K3 direct detector mounted at the end of Gatan BioQuantum energy filter 
  • Ceta 16M Camera 
  • Dual-axis tomography compustage 
  • STEM detectors: BF, DF, HAADF, iDPC 
  • Volta Phase Plate 
  • Software: EPU, Tomography, Velox, TIA, GMS3, SerialEM, AutoCTF. 
  • Environmental enclosure 
  • Remote operation 


Nella and Leon Benoziyo Building for Biological Sciences Room 052B, 053B

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