Titan Themis-Z (Thermo fisher Scientific)

Instrument Specification

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Themis Z is an ultra-high resolution, double aberration-corrected, transmission electron microscope for analytical scanning probe and wide-field microscopy delivering ultimate optical performance and flexibility. This high-end analytical (S)TEM is used to answer the most complex questions regarding materials science.

Characteristics & Accessories

  • spatial resolution better than 70 pm 
  • system energy resolution obtained is 70 meV 
  • high-brightness electron gun 
  • Wien-type monochromator 
  • Two Rose-Haider double-hexapole aberration correctors (probe and image) 
  • Super-X large solid angle X-ray detector for EDS 
  • High-performance energy loss spectrometer for EELS and EFTEM 
  • OneView high-speed CMOS camera for wide-field TEM imaging and in-situ data recording 
  • Multiple STEM detectors for bright-field, annular dark-field, differential phase contrast 
  • Four acceleration voltages in TEM and STEM 
  • Low voltage operation at 40 kV 
  • ornell pixelated STEM detector for 4D-STEM (EMPAD) 


Nella and Leon Benoziyo Building for Biological Sciences, Room 054

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