E-Beam writer RAITH E_Line Plus Electron Beam Lithography

Instrument Specification

RAITH E_Line Plus Electron Beam Lithography and Nano-engineering workstation, Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) is one of the most common techniques for fabricating micro or nanostructures on surfaces. EBL has gained importance over other lithographic techniques because its resolution is not limited by the diffraction limit of light, enabling nanoscale structuring.

Raith's E_LiNE plus system enables advanced electron beam lithography (EBL) with the following writing specifications:

  •  Minimum Grating periodicity:  Maximum 40 nm period with <20 nm line width
  •  Minimum Feature Size:  Minimum line width < 10 n
  •  Stitching accuracy: Mean 3σ≤40nm
  •  Overlay accuracy: Mean 3σ≤40nm

E_line Plus is a very versatile system and combines the "classical workhorse" EBL with the capabilities of a multi-application tool, “nano engineering” options, without compromising on state-of-the-art lithography specifications. These "nano engineering" options open up opportunities for new studies in many different fields such as optics, Nano-bio, and engineering.

The additional “nano engineering” options are as follows: 

  • Focused electron Bean-Induced Deposition (FEBID) 
  • The gas injection module enables the deposition of finely shaped metallic and insulating microstructures (EBID, IBID) or a local etching of various materials. Standard gas supply is for work with Tungsten, Platinum, and Insulator (SiOx) for deposition and Fluorine and Water for etching. Writing specifications using the FEBID are:             
  • Minimum line width of deposition is ≤50nm 
  • Minimum line width of etching is ≤100nm 

Fixed Beam Moving Stage

The FBMS lithography module combines design, control, and patterning of structures in a fixed-beam-moving-stage mode. The sample is moved by constant velocity relative to the beam along an arbitrary shaped path of mm or cm length. No stitching errors are induced into the pattern. It is ideal for waveguide patterns. The fabrication of completely kink-free elongated structures of arbitrary curvature with zero stitching errors is possible. Using this mode, one can write smooth, curved paths/continuous patterns over large distances with no stitching errors.


 The Nanomanipulator can be used for electrical measurements and manipulation of nm-sized particles. A three-axis, full cartesian Nanomanipulator unit is mounted on top of the chamber. With its built-in position feedback system, it allows precise positioning of a selection of prober tips onto the center part of a sample - under both visual and digital control. Owing to its piezoelectric motion principle, the positioning is in the range of a few nm. 

The Nanomanipulator control is fully integrated into the system software. 

  • Cartesian type XYZ motion with 20 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm travel range
  • Closed loop position control by linear encoders with 2 nm resolution.
  • Position repeatability: Mean deviation ≤ 200nm
  • Minimum addressable movement ≤ 4nm

3D writing 

3D Litho is a unique software package for the generation of 3D GDSII lithography data for optical elements such as phase holograms, zone plates and Fresnel lenses.


Perlman building –1 floor, room 15 (Yellow room)

Staff Contacts

Training details

Three days of training for 1-5 users.
Theoretical training and hands-on.
After training, qualification is given once the tool owner is satisfied with user performance.