Customized systems allow for more efficient work flow, being exactly matched to the nature of the task. When you apply for this service, we will first check to see if an appropriate application already exists on the market. If it does, we will help you adapt and implement it; if not, we will be happy to supply this service.

The service we provide includes specification definition, development, implementation, instruction and maintenance.

We use the following tools to supply this service:

  • Apex (an Oracle development tool) - offers rapid development and a standard design template, intended for small to medium-sized systems; for ex. Internal Services, Lab Manager.
  • Drupal - intended for systems with wide exposure, also outside the Institute, whose design is of primary importance (as opposed to using a standard design template).


  • Authentication via Weizmann Institute user ID and password.
  • Web-based systems.
  • Ability to draw on information from the Institute's organizational systems (HR, LDAP, etc.).
  • Ongoing maintenance and functionality development (as necessary) performed in-house by section having developed a particular system.