The Linux/HPC team is responsible for hosting, system and scientific service delivery and support for WEXAC - the Weizmann Institute's EXAscale Cluster.

For detailed information on our WEXAC policy, please refer to our WEXAC policy page.

You may also review the Fast Track to WEXAC introduction presentation.

WEXAC is a large-scale supercomputing resource serving the Weizmann Institute's scientific computing needs. It is designed to perform large jobs, parallel processing, visualization and scientific applications. WEXAC can achieve enormous computing power, leveraging hundreds of individual processors to reduce computing time from days to mere minutes.

The system is designed for easy expansion. Research groups can add compute nodes, so as to fully capitalize on their IT investments and transform them into a large, highly parallel and centrally supported system. WEXAC runs computing nodes with in excess of 8,000 CPU cores, nVidia GPUs, Infiniband fabric and a highly scalable shared storage system currently featuring a storage capacity of 2,400 Terabytes and supporting Petabyte-scale expansion within a single name space.

To utilize WEXAC, you need to register for the WEXAC service via Internal Services and provide your PI name.


December 2018 update:

We are pleased to announce a number of brand new WEXAC services, namely central storage, optional backup and data archiving.

These new services can help researchers keep scientific data safe in a long-term archive pool maintained on four separate backup tapes, and even reduce their monthly costs.

The new WEXAC data archiving solution enables a sustainable research lifecycle and provides easy access to archived data. For further details on the service, visit the WEXAC archive facility information page.

You're also welcome to read about the new WEXAC (ESS) optional backup service and learn more about the new central storage solution.