Weizmann IT provides a broad range of networking, communications, computer system services, security and support, applications development and implementation, and internet and library services for Institute scientists, students and administration. Additionally, the Design, Photography and Printing branch offers scientific illustration and model design, large format poster printing and photography services, as per our clients' needs and requirements. Weizmann IT oversees the fault-free implementation of the Institute's fully integrated computing environment, as well as maintenance of the infrastructure, via which our information technology services are delivered.

Below are some of the services, tools and resources we provide, the use of some of which requires a valid user ID:

As stated, utilization of some of the services offered will require a valid user ID. ​​Start out by contacting your departmental administrator to set up an account with Internal Services, which manages all in-house Institute services, from initial ordering and all the way to billing. Internal Services will issue a new user ID for you, and register you to any desired service, including network storage, Novell network services, Tafnit and others.