A range of wireless networks is at your disposal, each generally suitable for a different purpose. To connect, be sure to remain within range of the desired Wi-Fi network, and verify that its name appears on your mobile device’s list of available wireless networks.

You may discover numerous wireless networks on your device. This is due to the fact that the Institute is surrounded by residential neighborhoods and businesses, and external wireless networks can sometimes be detected within the Institute grounds. We do not support these networks and no assistance will be provided in connecting to them.

Wireless networks deployed and supported throughout the Institute include the following:

  • WIS Secure: a secure wireless network accessible throughout the campus (assuming you are within reception range). This network offers the convenience of mobile access to all of the Institute’s internal network resources and services – all while locking out unauthorized eavesdroppers and protecting users from potential security hazards. To connect, register with the departmental administration through Internal Services, following which a unique identification certificate will be installed on your wireless device.
  • WIS Hotspot: an open wireless network accessible anywhere on campus (assuming you are within reception range). This network requires neither user ID nor password to connect, and offers Internet access service only. WIS Hotspot also supports the Weizmann Institute’s Xmail Web mail service.
  • WIS External: a secure dedicated wireless network serving external conferences only. Hosted completely outside the Institute's network infrastructure, this network requires both user ID and password to log in, both of which are issued by us in advance, for the duration of a particular conference. The network is not accessible throughout the entire campus, and is intended for use within buildings hosting specific conferences.
  • WIS Board: an external network offering connectivity within the Weizmann Institute hotel (it is accessible within the San Martin building only).
  • Eduroam (Educational Roaming): an inter-university wireless network accessible throughout the entire campus (assuming you are within reception range), and serving the international research and education community. This network is available to all researchers, including faculty members and students, with full roaming support.
    Operated by an external ISP (Internet Service Provider), Eduroam is free of any service, application (e.g. VPN) and port restriction, yet its Internet bandwidth availability cannot be guaranteed. Internal Institute resources may be accessed over this network via VPN client, subject to SecurID user identification. More info about Network Services

Instructions for Use 

Please refer to the following instructions to connect to a wireless network.

Windows 8 and above

  1. Click the network icon located next to the system clock in the Windows task bar.
  2. Click to select the desired wireless network from the pop-up window listing the wireless networks available at your location.
  3. Click Connect.

For more information, review the Windows 8.x WIS Secure install guide.


  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon from the menu bar on the top right side.
  2. Select the desired wireless network from the menu.

For more information, review the Mac OS secure Wi-Fi install guide. Linux users are welcome to access the Linux WIS Secure install guide.


For information on setting up and connecting to the WIS Secure wireless network on iOS devices, review the iOS WIS Secure install guide.


For information on setting up the WIS Secure wireless network service on Android, review the Android WIS Secure install guide.