The WIS Home Office service is based on a Cisco Meraki solution utilizing truly advanced communication technology. The solution facilitates smart home network management, as well as secure and effortless connection to the office, and to Weizmann Institute resources.

On implementation, two networks co-exist within the managed network – one offering Internet access, and the other alongside it enabling secure connection to the office via the Institute-hosted WIS_Secure network.

Service Scope

The WIS Home Office service features the following aspects:

  • Remote management of the home network by Weizmann IT.
  • Storage of settings in the cloud, and immediate replacement of defective equipment.
  • Complete isolation of the Internet-connected home network from the secure network.
  • High scalability enabling flexible increase in the number of units, with no negative impact on service levels.
  • Wired and wireless access to work from home, including a digital authentication-based VPN (in WIS_Secure configuration).
  • All accessibility-compliant office services made available via the secure network.
  • Passive home infrastructure (cabling to the home wire cabinet) under scientist responsibility, including all interactions with professional personnel.
  • Home infrastructure readiness authorization by the Communication Section (should readiness authorization not be granted, the service order will be placed on hold and – following a 21-day waiting period – permanently canceled).
  • The service is provided for a period of three years, and includes network support and management, as well as any required hardware replacement.
  • On expiration, the service must be renewed.

Service Components

# Service Component Ordering Method Notes
1 WIS Home Office units One-time budget transfer
  • The chosen configuration must be specified.
  • Pricing covers service provision for a period of three years.
2 Active Internet connection ADSL connection order, at monthly cost The customer is required to possess an active Internet connection prior to home service deployment. Should a personal or Institute-provided Internet connection be available, no further order is required.
3 Secure certificate Registration of computers and other devices to WIS_Secure service, at monthly cost The certificate is only required for registration of the device connecting to the secure network.

Note: All service components may be ordered by administrators via the Internal Services system.

Service Pricing

The WIS Home Office service is charged on a one-time, per-equipment fee basis (with all equipment and service costs summed up on reservation), as follows:

  • Main unit: 2,065 NIS.
  • Expansion unit (wireless only): 2,540 NIS.
  • Expansion unit (wired + wireless): 2,722 NIS.
  • Additional fees may apply for ancillary services (WIS_Secure, ADSL, etc.).

Target Users 

The following may register for the WIS Home Office service:

  • Weizmann Institute employees.
  • Institute residents who are not Weizmann Institute employees may order the service as a managed network only, without the secure connection to the Institute network.


The service is to be ordered via the respective department or organizational unit only.