The Internal Services system manages all the in-house services offered at the Institute, from the initial order to payment.  The system includes some 120 services of all kinds, such as ordering DNA, requesting research animals, reserving time on an electron microscope, creating and registering new users, etc.

The system provides infrastructure for each service for as long as it exists, and is constantly adding new services according to need. For development of new services contact Rani Bravdo.

The Institute subsidizes a percentage of various services.  View a list of services and the percent of Weizmann support.


  • Every valid user in the Institute is entitled to access the services that are open to the general population.
  • Services that require payment are available only to users with financial permission, granted via the Tafnit system and updated online.  The same applies to budget balances.
  • There are special services that are intended for service-providers, as defined by the system, such as reserving the electron microscope, FACS, etc.
  • Administrators and their assistants are allowed access to designated screens that allow them to update and query the data.

Instructions for Use 

  • The system works in every browser that supports Java: IE, Firefox, Chrome.
  • You can work on Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems.
  • The only requirement is that the browser must support Java. In most cases, Java is already installed in the browser and there is no need for any further installation. If the system does not open properly (no Java installed), contact the HelpDesk at ext. 4444.
  • You can also reach the service by clicking on Internal Services from the My Desktop section in WeizmannNet.