Linux is a powerful and stable open source operating system that is license free, as opposed to other operating systems.

Many high performance and mission critical servers, including those here at the Weizmann Institute, are run on Linux-based machines due to the system’s reliability. Linux OS can also be installed on a desktop.

Linux is a robust and powerful open source operating system. The OS is deployed in high performance and mission critical servers worldwide, including many here at the Weizmann Institute.

Linux can also readily be installed on regular desktop computers. Much like Windows and Mac OS, it offers users a modern and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface), and supports a range of office productivity, Internet and graphics software applications.

A range of Linux “distros” (distributions) are available, including Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, RedHat, SLES and many more, and we support a number of them. Please feel free to contact us, should you require any assistance in making Linux-based PC purchasing decisions, or in installing and making the most of your Linux OS.