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Avraham Einat


Meital Segev

Office +972-8-934-3869


Human Resources Section Heads

Attend to all aspects of human resources for employees and managers in the various units, throughout the term of their employment at the Institute.

Social Work Services Section

Support and discrete personal counseling for Institute employees and Feinberg Graduate Schools students in issues related to stress; emotional and psychological challenges; assistance during times of distress and personal crises.

Wellbeing section

Management of the Institute's welfare policy and overall responsibility for the management and production of welfare activities, gifts, benefits, and events for Institute employees

Recruitment Human Resources Development Branch

Professional responsibility for the organizational development and learning of the Institute’s employees and managers.

HR planning, placement and promotion Branch

Attending to employees during mobilization processes to different positions at the Institute, responsibility for human resources planning processes and employee promotion committees, and management of the organizational structure and employment status changes.

Payroll Pension and Insurance Branch

Overall responsibility for managing and operating the area of Institute’s employee wages, various insurance and pension plans, and attendance issues.