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The Weizmann institute created a human sample bank allowing Weizmann scientiscts to store sample originated from human subjects in accordance with the bioethics regulation. All samples are stored in a fully automatic -80 storage by LiCONiC. The system is designed to store different Human sample types (tumor, blood, DNA etc.) The robotic freezer system is designed to maximize sample preservations at all times. Temperature is preserved by a main compressor and has 2 additional backups and alarming system to notify temperature changes at any time. The -80 chamber is completely isolated from room temperature and humidity. Sample handling (barcode scanning, tube picking) in the interface unit at -20.

  • The biobank is equipped with 1D and 2D barcode scanners for scanning suitable racks and tubes.
  • In addition a controlled rate freezer (ice cube by SY-LAB) is available to increase viability for cell line and tissue samples.

Roni Oren

Location: The Centre for Comparative Medicine


System capacity

Total tube capacity - 156,048

Total racks - 1999

  1. 0.3 ml - 240 racks (96 tubes/rack by LVL)
  2. 1 ml - 580 racks (96 tubes/rack by LVL)
  3. 2 ml - 480 racks (48 tubes/rack by LVL)
  4. 4 ml - 231 racks (48 tubes/rack by Micronic)
  5. 4.5 ml - 468 racks (48 tubes/rack by LVL)

Sample management: RBF softwere

The robotic system is operated by a Weizmann
developed sample handling system. (manages
sample data and controls the RBF operation)

Useful links

User Tutorial for RBF system on line

User Tutorial for RBF system in FDF

Liconic freezer illustration