Servers required to set up internal systems – whether physical or virtual – may be purchased via our Server Section. This page specifically addresses physical servers.
For details on virtual (“private cloud”) infrastructure, please see Hosting Virtual Servers - Private Cloud.

Decisions on the type of server or platform required should be based on practical system requirements, then implemented jointly with assistance and guidance from the Server Section team.

Technical approval of any order request is subject to internal design review.
Once your request for server acquisition has been authorized, you will receive e-mail confirmation with a detailed price quote, which you will need to approve prior to initiation of the design and deployment process.

Application Process

To submit a server order request, an online application form needs be filled out and submitted. Among the information to be provided in the form are customer details (application owner/contact person, user ID and department), general information on the designated application (type, name, operating system, database, etc.), server requirements (e.g. processor and RAM), storage requirements and intended backup policies, to name a few. Click Send to submit the form and initiate the approval process.

Once the server has been deployed, you will be prompted to confirm application form processing completion.

Note that more than one server can be ordered at a time, and that all servers are closely monitored by the Server Section.