inSync Cloud Backup

inSync for endpoints is a service that facilitates backup and recovery of data on end-user devices, to mitigate data loss and intellectual property theft. Backups run in the background with no disruption to the end-user. inSync for endpoints provides bulk and granular recovery options that can be managed by IT or by end-users through an easy-to-use self-service experience. This ensures continuity in the face of accidental or malicious data loss and ransomware attacks.

Target Users 

This service is being offered to Domain computers, namely Windows computers which are part of WIS Active Directory, and Mac computers registered in Jamf.


  • Regular backup of your computer, from anywhere.
  • Recovering data in case of theft, accidental deletion or destruction of your computer, from anywhere.
  • Restoring information when replacing computers, transferring data from the old computer to the new one.
  • Ability to return to previous versions of the files in the backup in case of deletion or encryption of information (ransom attacks).
  • Ability to add personal folders to backup jobs.
  • Available for Windows and Mac devices.

Installation Instructions 

If your computer is integrated with IT systems (WISMAIN for windows, JAMF for Mac), the backup application will automatically be installed (domain computers).
All new computers install in the WIT lab will get the backup application preinstalled.
The application only backups the primary user for each computer. For multiple users backup on the same computer contact helpdesk.




How do I add more folders to the backup?

How do I restore file and folders from the backup?

How do I make sure my backup is running without errors?

What exactly is included in and excluded from the backup?

What are the system requirements for running inSync?

  • inSync is supported on Windows 64-bit systems, and macOS versions 12, 13, 14 and up.

How Much Does inSync Cost?

  • The service is free for Weizmann users, up to 250GB of backup storage, and up to 2 devices per user.
  • A rate of 0.6 NIS/GB/month will be charged for backup volume above 250GB, starting 1/10/2024.

Where to Get Help?

  • For any questions call helpdesk 4444.

Where do I find more information?