Matlab Campus Agreement -
TAH (Total Academic Head-Count)

MATLAB Licensing model for IUCC Universities

Following a steady increase in MATLAB purchases and related license costs, Machba was offered the opportunity to transfer into a new Licensing model: TAH - Total Academic Headcount, which is fundamentally different from the previous model (which was limited to per registered seats), and provides a solution to growing MATLAB needs.

Elements of the TAH License (Unlimited for academic use)

  • A unified Machba license for all participating members.
  • The ability to use a larger set of software tools, with ease of installation and license management.
  • A toolset containing 50 different toolboxes, which include the majority of tools used in academic research.
  • Unlimited access for all users across the campus, including faculty, staff and students on all levels.
  • The rights for unlimited installations on additional computers (home desktops, laptops) used by faculty, staff, and graduate-degree students, for academic use.
  • License renewal will occur annually.
  • The right to add a "Child License" for other software tools not included in the base program.