The Collaboration Folders service enables creation of a shared network folder, which may be shared with any owner of a user ID, used to store files of any type, and accessed via Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Management of the network folder, which encompasses access privilege
and storage size management, is performed on a self-service basis via
Internal Services.

Any user may register for the service and create a collaboration folder via the departmental administrator. Once registration is completed (by the administrator), a network folder is automatically created, and the user is defined as its data owner. Access to the folder is only granted to those with access privileges
(full or read only).

Feel free to review the service registration user guide for administrators.

All files stored in the shared network folders are automatically backed up on a nightly basis by the TSM backup system, and any deleted files are retained for a period of 18 months from the moment of deletion.

Should the need arise, files and/or folders may be restored by submitting a request with the IT Service Desk.

The service is charged as per actual usage. For further information on service rates,
review the Computing Charges page.

Instructions for Use 

Accessing the collaboration folder from within the Institute

Note that users outside the Institute network must connect via VPN.

To connect to the service and access the personal network folder on a Windows computer:

  1. Access the path My Computer\Collaboration via the Windows file explorer. You may alternatively access the path \\\Collaboration.
  2. Note that should your computer not be associated with the Institute’s domain, you must enter your user ID in the wismain\Your_User_ID format (with the wismain prefix).


To connect to the service on a Macintosh:

  1. Launch the Weizmann Self Service application, search for Collaboration and click Create Shortcut to create a system shortcut to the service.
  2. You may alternatively use the Connect to Server… command on the Apple Finder’s Go menu, enter the path smb:// in the destination server field and click Connect to complete the connection. You may save this connection for future use by clicking the plus (+) button.
  3. Note that you must enter your user ID in the wismain\Your_User_ID format (with the wismain prefix).

Should you require further explanation or assistance, feel free to contact the IT Service Desk at extension 4444.

You're also invited to learn more about collaboration folders on the IT Service Desk page.


Files are stored in backup as long as they exist in the network folder. Once a file is deleted from the network folder, an 18-month data retention period countdown commences, following which the file is deleted from backup, too.

The network folder’s default storage capacity is 10 Gigabytes. Should more storage be required, you may submit a storage capacity expansion request with your departmental administrator.